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        ZHEJIANG FUERTE ELECTRICAL APPARATUS CO.,LTD..(former Wenzhou fuerte Electric Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Yueqing City People’s Electric 3 Factory) was founded in 1985.Is the former state ministry of machine building, electric power industry ministry sentinel production international "0.5 kV - 38 kV line protection and transformer protection all kinds of voltage grade fuse, lightning arrester, isolating switch, vacuum circuit breaker and synthetic line insulator etc series products of sino-foreign joint ventures.It is also the earliest domestic production of the international general falling type fuse manufacturer, with 32 years of experience in the manufacture and export of high voltage appliances.

        With a registered capital of us $5.48 million, the company has an independent property rights workshop covering an area of 25,000 square meters, with the sales of products all over the world, and the regional performance in China is the provincial municipal power company of the state grid company.
        Company on the implementation of ISO9001 quality management system since 2003, through the Netherlands KEMA certification body certification (later changed to Germany DEKAR), the company strictly implement the international quality management system to standardize procurement, production, supply, after-sales service, and to develop new products and so on a series of work, detailed planning and perfect organization system management of various functional departments, to ensure that with high quality products and services to the society, at the same time modestly to the customer to understand the status of the product use and collect the opinion, for the pursuit of excellence, excellence and to lay a solid foundation.

        Various series of products meet the national standards of China, IEC standards of IEC, us C37.41 and IEEE standards.
        And become the national standard GB/T15166.6-2008 "high voltage fuse" to participate in the drafting unit, won the national quality supervision and testing center qualified enterprises, China construction bank ZheJiang branch AAA enterprises, large export tax, AAA credit enterprise of ZheJiang province, China customs a-class management enterprise, foreign investment star units and so on honor.

        Since 2006, all kinds of products of the company have passed the national spark program item 1, and have successively gained more than 30 patents and utility patents.
        Fuse cutout 15kv series products in 2003 through the Netherlands KEMA laboratory model test, the fuse cutout 15 KV , 33 KV in 2014 by Italian CESI laboratory model test, the fuse cutout passed in 2016, the Italian CESI laboratory model test.

        In the face of new competition and opportunity at home and abroad market, Fuerte person will be unremitting efforts, continuous innovation, develop more high quality product for national power engineering, for the majority of users to provide more perfect service, sincerely hope to cooperate with you hand in hand, make contributions to development and prosperity of the cause of world power, electronic power!